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"Projects are a board and senior team issue. They are the vehicles to the future and hence the tools for turning your vision into reality"

Most organizations have more projects and change underway than they can cope with. They struggle with the complexities of reporting, prioritization and dependencies. Despite their best efforts, they are continually disappointed in the rate of delivery and success.

The situation is further complicated as each function seeks to resolve the problems “as they see them”. But all too often, this only makes matters worse as they are merely addressing only those symptoms which affect them. Overall  performance remains static or even declines.

How do we break out of this situation and set a course for real business improvement?

Project Workout holds the key, as it not only helps you run one project at a time but also direct and manage the tens or hundreds of projects in your portfolio/programme through effectively applied best practice.

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The Project Workout eBook is now available (Kindle version from Amazon)

See “Project Workout Community for cartoons, articles, FAQs, useful links and an on-line method based on the book.

French Project Workout
5th edition

See the 5th edition of Gestion de Projets, adapted for the French market by Guillaume Chanson (Sorbonne University)

Robert Buttrick Teaching Fellowship .
Robert Buttrick is now a visiting Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick, WMG.

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